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Hi there, and Welcome to Ketoshortcut; Your number one resource for losing weight with the ketogenic diet program. After having tried the diet regiment ourselves, we’ve found that it’s not only practical, but it’s also a healthy way of losing weight.

When it comes to weight loss, there are so many diet programs, workout routines, and meal plans out there; it can be hard to decide on one and stick to it. They come with so many ingredient choices and food sources; it’s hard to keep up.

However, after having drunk the Ketogenic diet cool-aid, we decided to create this blog and share everything we’ve learned about going Ketogenic. Like every other dieting program, the Ketogenic diet program comes with a steep learning curve, and we’re here to help you navigate it.

One of the rising health concerns globally is obesity and rightly so because, according to the CDC, a whopping 93.3 million US adults are obese which translates to about 39.8% of the total population. Out of these numbers, it’s estimated that 2.8 million adults die annually due to obesity-related conditions.

Because of the gravity of the situation, plenty of diet programs have emerged in the past few years, including the Keto diet to try and combat this situation.

However, very few have received backing from the scientific community like the Ketogenic diet, with plenty of evidence and numerous studies having been done to prove it’s effectiveness in weight loss. Moreover, it’s not just useful for weight loss but offers a variety of other health benefits.

Ketogenic Diet Program

The ketogenic diet program is different from your typical weight loss programs because it involves maintaining a low-carb, moderate-protein and high-fat diet. Additionally, unlike many diet programs, it leaves you feeling full, and you don’t need to count the number of calories you eat.

The main goal of the ketogenic diet is to promote ketosis which improves the body’s processes of converting fat into energy by converting them into ketones in the liver thereby promoting weight loss. Moreover, it’s able to reduce your risk of disease as well as help fight other metabolic conditions.

However, for you to reap the benefits of a Keto diet you need to strictly follow it; that means knowing what to eat when to eat, how to cook it etc. And we’re teach you and share everything we’ve learned about the Ketogenic diet.

We go over everything from the best snacks for keto, to eating dark chocolate on a keto diet to finding the best peanut butter for keto to the best keto bars for when you’re on the move and so much more. Stick around to learn all this and more, right here on Ketoshortcut.com