Are Keto Pills Safe?

Some people claim that the keto diet and keto pills represent the worst mistakes and biggest waste of money in their lives, but there are others who claim that the keto diets and keto pills changed their lives for the better.

Who do we believe? Is the 30-day challenge really worth your bucks? Do the keto pills really help in weight loss? In this article, we look at the different aspects of the keto pills, and whether they are safe or not.

But first, remember that the keto diet, also called the ketogenic diet, refers to the uber-trendy weight loss diet/ eating plan that restricts the number of carbs one can eat per serving/day, for the duration of the diet’s challenge.

Generally, a keto diet means that you obtain about 70% of your calories from healthy fats, 20% or so from protein, and about 10% of your total calories from carbs. And you should maintain this ration for everything you eat including snacks.

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The diet is macro-restrictive, and you have to count your grams for every meal because the whole idea behind the keto diet is to push your body so that it enters the metabolic state called ketosis.

When in ketosis, the body uses ketones from fats to generate fuel/ energy to keep you going. For the initiation of ketosis, the body has very low carbs content, and stored/ dietary fats are broken down into ketones in the liver, and then they are recirculated into the bloodstream.

Think of ketosis as mild ketoacidosis, a condition that affects most individuals with diabetes (Type I)

About the Keto Pills

There is a slew of keto pills and supplements on the market today, but whether they work or not, depends on a number of factors. According to the manufacturers of keto pills, the pill encourages ketosis by the action of their active ingredients.

MCT oil and BHB are the two most popular ingredients in keto pills, and they have been shown to initiate ketosis by releasing/ introducing ketones to your bloodstream, encouraging fat burning, in the process.

The initiated state of ketosis forces the body to use only fats rather than carbs as the source of energy.

Keto Pills Ingredients

1. BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate)

BHB is a synthetic supplement that falls into the category of exogenous ketones. It’s incorporated into keto pills because it’s claimed that the exogenous ketones from BHB speed up the time it takes for your body to reach the state of ketosis.

The exogenous ketones are also said to reduce the side effects of the keto diet, such as the keto flu. Thanks to BHB, you could use the BHB keto pills without having to take on the keto diet itself.

This means that even though you still eat foods with carbs, you will have circulating ketones to initiate ketosis and produce energy.

This exposes one glaring flaw of the pills – even though the pills have the ability to initiate ketosis, if you don’t change your eating habits, you will not lose much weight, and you might end up gaining more weight by the end of the challenge or when you finish your pills.

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Besides this obvious flaw, there are conflicting studies and results on the effects of the exogenous ketones.

In one study, the ketones can induce ketosis without carbs restriction (in tests on rats), but another study, it was shown that the ketones didn’t enhance ketosis, but they caused stomach pains and nausea in the human volunteers of the study.

And in an article published by Healthline, the exogenous ketones cause an increase in the concentration of acids in the blood, and this makes it harder for your body to break down fats naturally.

So, unless you make drastic changes in your lifestyle, these BHB keto pills might be a complete waste of your money.

2. MCT Oils

MCT, also called medium-chain triglycerides, are also found in most keto diets. These oils are naturally healthy and are known to encourage weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer while boosting your metabolic rate.

These benefits have been seen in keto dieters, which is why most dieters on keto are known to add the MCT oils to their coffee, in addition to some butter too.

These benefits are also experienced when one uses coconut oil to cook or bake. However, MCT oil is more effective, perhaps since it’s more concentrated in the pills.

Unfortunately, no evidence suggests that the consumption of the expensive variants of MCT oil will boost the effects of the supplements.

Besides the unsubstantiated benefits and effects of the keto pills, here are:

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Reasons to avoid keto pills

1. Messed metabolism

In the starvation state, your body makes use of ketones to produce energy for the cells. The ketones (endogenous or exogenous) will stimulate the production of leptin and hinder/ reduce ghrelin levels, helping you curb cravings and eat less.

Unfortunately, the appetite suppression from the ketones and the ketogenic state will not last after you finish your pills.

After you finish your pills, your ghrelin levels will spike, and the leptin levels will drop significantly, beyond the baseline, meaning that you will start to eat a lot more and gain the pounds you’d lost.

2. Nutrient deficiencies

the diet may cause deficiencies in magnesium, electrolytes, and fiber. Though the keto pills these nutrients, they are in extremely low quantities, and you may have to get supplements or eat more healthy food.

3. Messed up digestion

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The MCT oils may help in appetite suppression, but these easy-to-digest oils could cause nausea, constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea.


While the decision to use keto pills or not is a very personal and individualized process that works differently for different people, you might want to try natural weight loss techniques like cutting back on carbohydrates naturally, drinking a lot of water, and eating more fiber-rich vegetables.

Also, a keto diet and keto pills may work in the short term, but keto is not the best way to live, lose, or maintain weight. Regarding the safety of the pills, use the pills sparingly and infrequently. Also, if you have to use the pills, make sure you get them from a reputable manufacturer/ retailer.