Best Keto Bars Review – Delicious, Keto-Friendly Treats to Keep You Full and Healthy!

Most of us need snacks during the day. This is why i decided to do this best keto bars review. I have tried all of these bars in the last few months. Hopefully you will find some value in this post.

Just think about these moments – whether you are hungry an hour or two after a meal, angry and overwhelmed at work, unable to find a healthy/ preferred meal, bored, thirsty, heartbroken, happy, celebrating, tired, literally famished, the common answer to all these situations is a snack.

Snacks keep up us going. We often carry snacks around, just in case. Sometimes, that keto bar serves as the best meal replacement bar for keto dieters.

But what happens when you are on a diet, say keto, and you cannot snack on anything you see on the kitchen counter or fridge?

And wouldn’t it be a complete bummer if you had to walk around with a piece of sizzling steak in the name of a snack? Of course, this would be weird, and everyone around you would think you are crazy.

But thanks to innovations and the need to bring to an end social awkwardness, the food industry, particularly those in the keto industry, there are pretty snazzy, filling, and super nutritious keto snacks on the market today. Your only job is to pick the best snack bar to satisfy your senses and tummy.

a dozen keto bars

The choice of the best protein/ keto bars, unfortunately, is not as easy as you may think. With keto dieters increasing in numbers and the keto diet industry growing, there are tons of keto bar options for you to choose from. It is important to note that not all keto bars are created equally though.

Therefore, Please allow me to tell you a little of what i’ve found in regards to what the best keto bars are in my opinion, coupled with actual facts and knowledge of what is actually in them, It is my hope you will then be able to make an informed choice.

Choosing the perfect keto bar?

First, understand the differences between keto bars and the low-carb protein bars. If you think that these two are the same thing, you are wrong.

A ketogenic bar, especially the meal replacement option has a high-fat content since it’s been designed to hit your keto macros ratios.

The low-carb protein bars don’t often offer the exact macros content, and they don’t have the right macro ratios.

1. Keto-friendly

You’ll be surprised at the number of protein bars and high-carbs snack bars that are advertised as keto bars, yet they are not that nothing close to meeting the keto standards.

Since you don’t want to be duped, know going in that a keto bar is low in carbs but high in fats and proteins. Basically, a keto bar (or any other keto product) is 60-75% fat and 15-20% protein whether it’s dinner or a quick PB & J sandwich.

The carbohydrate content in the keto bar or meal is not more than 10%.

The other discerning factor is the quality of the ingredients. In essence, if your low-carb keto bar contains a high concentration of healthy fats and other whole ingredients, then the percentages might vary. Just make sure that carbohydrates content is pretty low.

brownie with penut butter

2. Ratios and Macros

The numbers might not be perfect or within the ranges mentioned above, but you need to check and ensure that the keto bar’s ingredients are within the acceptable ratio of macros.

While a high-fat meal is a good place to start, that snack must have the necessary macros in the accepted macro ratios.

Remember that the keto diet  is all about counting macros. So, how many grams of fats, proteins, or grams are in the meal or you need to eat per meal or in a day.

Counting your macros is particularly crucial if you are intent on sticking to a keto diet to a T. The problem is that counting macros is a lot harder than you think. And it can be too much.

But to simplify the math for you, here’s what you could do if you are on a 1600-calorie-a-day diet:

Carbs make up 4 calories for each gram, fats have 9 calories per gram, while proteins have 4 calories per gram.

To determine how much grams of each food group you need to eat, you need the total daily calories, the percentage of calories from carbs/ proteins/ fat, and the number of calories per gram.

For example, the number of grams of fats you need in a 1600-calorie day is:

1600-calorie day = total daily calories*percentage of calories (70%) * the number of calories for every gram of fat, in this case, 9 = 125g (fat).

Of course, that’s quite a lot of math, which is why you might want to find a keto app to help you track your macros.

3. Look for Whole-Food Ingredients

If you are not ready to count your macros, the best thing you could do in your search for the best keto bar is to check whether the snack has whole foods as ingredients. Honestly in my opinion this is a no brainer. I want to know what is going in my body. I am not into things that i cant pronounce or that i have no idea of what the ingredients are made of. It is impossible to have control over your diet if you have no idea what is in your food.

The best whole foods you should be looking at include whole proteins and healthy fats rather than vitamin supplements and powders. Also, no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or processed fats.

Healthy fats include medium-chain triglycerides (aka MCT oils), avocado oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, hemp hearts, nuts, and other seed oils/seeds.

Note: Skip the nuts if you are on a strict keto diet or if you have allergies/ food sensitivities. Healthy protein options include grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish, eggs, and poultry — collagen, and when protein powders are good enough alternatives.

If you settle on collagen supplements, ensure that the collagen is derived from grass-fed cows. This is an important factor since collagen is not only important in meeting your protein quota; it further encourages healthy skin, bones, and joints.

Before we look at the best keto bars, let’s first look at the ingredients you should avoid in keto bars.

4. Ingredients to avoid

  • Corn fiber
  • Dextrin/ Maltodextrin
  • Dextrose/ polydextrose
  • Soy protein isolate
  • Maltitol
  • Tapioca Starch
  • Splenda

The Best Keto Bars


Perfect Keto Protein Snacks - Box of 12 Bars - Low Carb Diet Friendly with Coconut Oil, Collagen, No Added Sugar - Sweet Treat in Almond Butter Brownie Flavor - Individual Packs for Travel, Hiking

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KETO BARS: The Original High Fat, Low Carb, Keto Snack Bars. Simple Ingredients, Gluten Free, Vegan. (Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, 10 Count)

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Keto Fat Protein Bar - Ketogenic Diet Snacks for Metabolism, Energy Boost & High-Performance - With MCT Oil, Cacao Butter & Organic Almond Butter - 5G Net Carbs - 12 Pack

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Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Vegan, Gluten Free, Non Dairy, Soy Free, Lactose Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, 1.41 Ounce, 12 Count

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Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars 12 Bars (Vanilla Shortbread)

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars 12 Bars (Vanilla Shortbread)

Julian Bakery® Primal Thin® 20g Protein Bar (Sweet Cream)(Organic Grass Fed Whey) (130 Cal) (1g Sugar) (1 Net Carb) (Gluten-Free) (10 Bars)

Julian Bakery Primal Thin® 20g Protein Bar (Sweet Cream)(Organic Grass Fed Whey)(10 Bars) (130…

1. Perfect Keto Bar

keto bar healthy snack

If you are on a strict keto diet and looking for a healthy, keto-friendly bar to eat on the go without worrying about how much the bar will impact your diet, this Perfect Keto Bar is what you need.

This keto bar is high in healthy fats, including coconut out; it has moderate protein levels (10g), as well as collagen, and very low carb content. Unlike traditional energy and protein bars, this keto bar contains actual food ingredients that are not only healthy but also filling and convenient.

This healthy keto bar has 19g of the healthiest fats, 10g of proteins in the form of collagen from grass-fed cows, and only 3g of carbohydrates from Stevia. Although the keto bar tastes a lot like an ordinary keto protein bar, it’s healthier and the perfect fit for any hardcore keto-dieters.

Instead of synthetic additives and chemicals, this keto snack is gluten-free and packed with high-quality carbs, as well as other high-quality and healthy ingredients.

By using the soluble tapioca fiber instead of low-quality binders like dates, corn fiber, and sugar syrup, this bar is effective in the regulation of blood sugar, the soluble fibers boost digestion, and they further enhance the health of your heart.

Besides the healthy ingredients in the Perfect Keto Bar, this bar tastes great. It has a beautiful, natural flavor of cacao. The addition of salt to this chocolate keto bar adds that punch and the perfect blend of flavor and taste to this keto bar.

The Chocolate keto bar comes as a 12-pack of keto bars, each with 230calories.


  • It’s dairy-free
  • Nice chocolate flavor
  • It’s not too sweet
  • Collagen is the main protein in the bar. Collagen contains glycine and proline, two amino acids that are great for the gut.
  • It’s soft
  • Collagen is great for your nails, hairs, and the skin
  • Great on-the-go keto snack
  • Great keto meal replacement option
  • Three other flavors – almond butter cookie, lemon poppyseed, and salted caramel


  • Slightly expensive
  • Limited stock
  • No hidden carbs or IMOs
  • A little crumby
  • A few users take issue with Stevia

2. RSP Protein Brownie

keto die brownie

This RSP Protein Brownie might look and feel like another sugar bomb on the market, but it is, honestly, one of the best gluten-free keto bars on the market.

This keto snack is an excellent addition to your keto diet or weight loss routine as it ensures that you can get the right amount of high-quality proteins.

The high protein content (16g) makes this bar an excellent workout addition, which means accelerated muscle growth, increased recovery times, as well as overall muscle health.

Besides the high-protein content, this keto bar also is also high in fiber at 4g, hence the enhancement of your gut’s health, as well as appetite suppression.

The RSP Protein brownie also contains 7g of sugar. This content makes this protein brownie ketogenic, and it also means that your cells will have an instant source of energy, without the side effects of a glucose overload.

Besides the basic ketogenic macros necessary in keto bars, this brownie is also free of artificial ingredients, flavors, and additives.


  • High protein content of 16g for enhanced muscle recovery.
  • It’s filling
  • 4g fiber per serving
  • This bar is a good source of energy when your batteries are running low
  • Idea keto bar for workouts
  • Flavorful
  • It has healthy fats like palm oil


  • It feels a little too dense
  • It has nuts and soy
  • It’s not dairy-free

3. Honest By Design’s Keto Bars

keto bars for weight loss

These Keto Bars are also excellent keto bar options being a low-carb protein bar that is keto-friendly. So, if you are looking for a keto bar that’s almost a zero-carbs bar, then the Keto Bars might be a good idea for you.

One bar of the keto bar has 210 calories made of 76% fats (18g), 13% protein (7g), and 11% carbs (6g total carbohydrates and 4g of dietary fiber).

With its high-fat content, this keto bar is not only one of the best keto bars, but it’s also the perfect little snack for an energy boost after a workout. It’s also the perfect pick-me-up if you are having a slow day or if you hit a mental slump.


  • It has safe ingredients
  • Perfect keto bar if you hit the gym often
  • Low carb content
  • Excellent course of healthy fats


  • It has a few flavors
  • It’s expensive

4. Keto Crave Energy Bar by Zenwise

keto bar

Packed with 16g of fats, 9g of proteins, and a net 5g of carbs, Keto Crave meets the ketogenic bar requirements, and it’s an excellent keto bar for anyone watching their diet or trying to lead a low-carb lifestyle. It’s also a good fit for you if you need a healthy snack between meals, one that won’t cause a spike in sugar levels.

Besides meeting the keto diet macro requirements, this energy bar is also enriched with the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Research suggests that MCTs are great energy boosters which encourage calorie burning.

MCTs also boost mental focus, and they’ve also been shown to hold a higher satiating power than vegetable oils or coconut oil.

The other advantage of the MCTs is that they hold immense appetite-suppressing effects meaning that you will be eating less and less if you snack on this energy bar.

The other ingredients in this energy bar include cacao butter, grass-fed whey protein, and organic almond butter, which increase energy production from cells to fuel your body and mind.

As a non-caffeinated energy bar, your metabolism will be revved up, and the best part is that you won’t have to worry about getting jittery.

This Keto Crave Energy Bar could also be an excellent fit for you if you are new to the keto dieter. But this doesn’t mean that this keto bar won’t work for advanced dieters. If anything, it’s an ideal weight management option that also doubles as a pre-workout option for weightlifters, athletes, runners/ joggers, and bikers.


  • Ideal energy bar for sporting/ active individuals who rely on ketosis
  • Good energy source
  • It tastes great
  • MCTs are healthy fats with appetite-suppressing effects
  • It’s filling


  • It’s a bit greasy
  • It has some added/ unwanted ingredients like IMO syrup

5. Orgain Organic Protein Bars

protein bar

This keto bar might not be the perfect keto bar for you if you have nut allergies – it has peanuts, but if you don’t mind peanuts, then this protein bar could be exactly what you need.

This protein bar doubles as a keto bar, and it will encourage your body to enter ketosis faster than most protein bars would thanks to its relatively low carbohydrates content.

So, if you are keto dieter looking for the best keto snack to replenish your energy, this bar is an excellent start for you. With 6g of fat, 10g organic protein, and 5g sugar, this protein bar promises great nourishment on the go.

It’s free of gluten, GMOs, and soy. The protein bar has also been certified as organic, kosher, and organic.

So, if you super-strict about what you eat, this snack might be an excellent fit for you if you are looking for a healthy and safe way of curbing hunger and cravings.

This protein bar is also an excellent meal replacement keto option, and you could also enjoy your Orgain organic protein bar before or after your workout since it encourages muscle recovery, lean mass building, and energy restoration.


  • Each bar has 150 calories
  • 100% plant-based
  • Vegan, kosher, and organic-certified
  • Great post-workout protein bar
  • Free of soy, gluten, GMOs, and dairy
  • It’s tasty and flavorful
  • Healthy meal-replacement option
  • It has organic fiber to curb cravings and for good gut health
  • Zero artificial ingredients
  • Four delicious flavors – peanut butter, chocolate chunk, chocolate chip cookie dough, and S’Mores.


  • It has peanuts

6. Collage Protein Bar by Bulletproof

keto bar

Bulletproof might be one of the new kids on the protein bars block, but it’s one of the best protein bars for anyone on the ketogenic diet.

This Bulletproof collagen protein bar is very keto-friendly, and you can enjoy a bar as a meal replacement, a snack, or a pre/post-workout protein bar.

This collagen bar is made from collagen powder from grass-fed cows (and other animals). Collagen is an excellent source of protein that encourages the healthy growth of hair, nails, as well as great, shiny skin.

Although collagen is virtually tasteless, this protein bar is available in seven unique flavors, including the vanilla shortbread, fudge brownie, café latte, lemon cookie, mint chocolate, and the cookie dough flavors.

The protein us an ideal source of on-the-go fuel, and you can enjoy it doing just about anything. Besides its high protein content, this collagen protein bar also contains XCT oil and Octane oil; both intended to give you an energy boost.

The best part about these oils is that they are natural and also a pure source of energy. The bars are GMO-free, non-gluten, and also free or grain or dairy.

It has 14g healthy fats, 12g healthy proteins, and 9g of carbs.


  • The bars taste great
  • Organic ingredients
  • Collagen from grass-fed animals
  • It has healthy fats and oils


  • This protein bar causes an elevation of blood sugar levels
  • A tad too much sugar

7. Primal Thin Protein Bars

Keto diet

The Primal Thin protein bars are high-protein bars that are enriched with iron, calcium, and magnesium. They taste great, and they are ideal for anyone looking for an energy boost for work or a workout.

The other interesting ingredient in this protein bar is whey protein and the prebiotic tapioca. The whey protein will keep you full and fueled for some time while the prebiotic tapioca supports and enhances gut health. This protein bar also boasts a low-sugar content.

Unfortunately, this protein bar is not dairy-free since milk is its main ingredient. So, if you are lactose intolerant, this protein bar will not be your ideal fit. The other issue is that the protein bar is made in a factory that processes nuts.

Even though the manufacturers deem their protein bars nut-free, there could be a small risk of the protein bar having nuts.

If you have severe nut allergies, you might want to avoid these protein bars. Other than the dairy and nuts issues, this protein bar is free of gluten, soy, and GMOs.


  • It’s high in protein
  • The good energy source for workouts
  • It contains magnesium, iron, and calcium
  • It also has prebiotic tapioca
  • Low sugar content


  • It’s not dairy-free
  • It’s made at a nut-processing facility
  • The actual carbs content is high, 19g

Benefits of A Keto Diet

One of the biggest benefits of picking up and sticking with a keto diet is that this diet allows your body to burn off extra fats, allowing you to shed those pesky pounds.

A strict keto diet that sticks to the keto parameters mentioned above often means that the body stops its overreliance on carbs for energy and instead utilizes fats for energy.

So, as long you stick to a high-healthy-fats, low carbs diet, you will start to see some positive changes in your body.

Just be careful not to overeat – Restricting carbohydrates is not a license to eat everything else. In order to lose weight you still need to burn more calories than you take in.

The essence of a keto diet is ketosis, but even ketosis has its limits in terms of how much ketones you can have in circulation to stimulate the oxidation of fats. Remember that weight loss is only possible if a calorie deficit is created.

The other benefit of the keto diet is that it’s great for your health. A ketogenic diet, if done properly (only eat healthy whole foods, high fats and protein, and leafy vegetables), alleviates several ailments to poor eating. Aside from weight loss you should see increased energy levels and improved mood is also a possibility.

Some of the illnesses/ ailments curbed with a strict keto diet include cancer, obesity, chronic inflammation, depression, allergies, asthma, poor digestion, food addiction, and obesity, among others.

Mistakes to avoid on a ketogenic diet

  • Eating the wrong vegetables like peas, carrots, corn, potatoes, or yam.
  • Eating poor quality foods like poor quality meats or dairy. Opt for grass-fed meats and mildly processed dairy.
  • Eating too much protein
  • Failing to get enough fats in your diet
  • Not getting enough electrolytes
  • Not getting adequate fiber in your meals


The keto bars reviewed above are some of the best keto bars for you.

Remember that the best keto bars have super low carbohydrate content, but they are high in healthy fats and proteins. Should you come across a protein/ keto bar not covered here, check its macros first then decide if it’s the right fit for you or not.