natural dark chocolate

Is Dark Chocolate Allowed on A Ketogenic Diet

Is dark chocolate keto-friendly? If you are considering the ketogenic diet, it’s quite likely that you’ve read all about the foods that you may eat on the keto diet and the ones that you must avoid. On the Foods to Avoid list, sweets are on top of that list, which means that if you are … Read more

keto diet and paleo similarities

Paleo Vs. Keto Diet

Keto and paleo are uber-trendy diets, but for the gains/ benefits you seek, only one of these two diets will work well for you. The Atkins diet is also another common and also one of the earliest low-carbs diets. So, which is the right diet for you? Which of these two diets do we consider … Read more

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9 Snacks to Eat on Keto Diet

 Don’t we all live for snacks? For most of us, snacks and snack time represent the only time that we get to indulge in our decadent foods before we go back to our not-so-interesting meals. Unfortunately, if you are on a keto diet, your snack choices become extremely limited since you cannot eat everything you … Read more

peanut butter for keto diet

Best Peanut Butter for Keto

Are looking at the glob of peanut butter slathered on your toast wondering if nuts and nut butters are as healthy as they’re claimed to be, but most importantly, if they keto-friendly? Well look no further, Because I am here to answer your questions.                        … Read more