Keto Burn Xtreme Reviews – Will This Shark Tank Keto Pill Help You Lose Weight?

Keto Burn Xtreme went viral after the elite Shark Tank investors put their money in it. It’s has since been regarded as one of the best (or rather the most popular) Keto pill on the market.

But even with the hype surrounding this Keto pill, Does it actually work? Are keto pills like Keto burn Xtreme safe? Will it help you lose weight? Is Keto Burn Xtreme the ultimate health and wellness pill, or is it one of the many other keto pills that you end up throwing in the trash after not seeing the promised results?

In the fast paced world we live in, It can be difficult to keep up with diet and nutrition.

While striving to work and earn an income, spending countless hours at a desk or in the car,  We tend to end up with poor eating habits, and have to deal with not having any time to hit the gym or even eat right – and unfortunately this is a path to weight gain and generally poor health.

The vast majority of us all know that we need to act, even before we have stepped on the scale or glanced in the mirror, losing excess weight in a healthy manner and maintaining that weight loss is not an easy task and maintaining a healthy weight is an uphill battle. What do you need to do to get back to good health?

Will the Keto Burn Xtreme pill help you lose weight ? 

The truth is that most, if not all weight loss solutions bank on the fact that you want to see immediate results , But that isn’t the way it really works. You can lose weight and keep it off through diet , exercise and proper supplementation. It is hard work but it can be done . Whether you use the keto diet or something else, you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. Obviously while restricting calories on any diet, You lose out on certain nutrients, This is where supplements come into play, Which in this review is Keto Burn Xtreme.

However, the success of any weight loss strategy will, for the most part, bank on how consistent you are with the sticking to your diet and exercise regiment. You will not get results for work you didn’t put in.

When it comes to weight loss pills and supplements, They are an assist, Taking them and continuing to eat the same or not increase your level of physical activity will leave you disappointed. Furthermore  you can only see the expected or promised results if  you follow you plan consistently.

Keto Burn Xtreme – how does it fit in with the weight loss craze?

In a market full of keto burn pills and supplements,  Keto Burn Xtreme stands out from the rest by allowing you to lose weight without having to follow an overly strict routine.

This supplement is also regarded as a whole natural weight loss supplement that promises to shed those extra pounds, restoring your physical and mental health, When it is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

But like every other weight loss strategy you’ve read about, you will only lose weight with these pills (or the gym) only if you put in the work.

But what is it, exactly?

About Keto Burn Xtreme


 Keto Burn Xtreme refers to the keto slimming pill designed to encourage weight loss through ketosis. You have to take the pills as prescribed, and you also need to make sure that you are hitting ketosis at all times.

While enhancing your body’s fat-burning capacity, these slimming keto pills will yield the best results, If you supplement the pills with a workout strategy and a healthy diet, You will see even better results. Working out while on this keto diet supplement will yield compounded results in your weight loss journey.

How Does Keto Burn Xtreme Work?

Today, the keto diet is one of the most popular diets on the market, and it’s been dabbled in by many celebs around the world. Most of the followers of the keto diets note that this the diet, though tough, works if you are disciplined.

Also, sticking to a keto diet is extremely difficult and not for the fainthearted. JLo tried it and one interview on the Ellen Show, she noted that the first time she tried a 10-day keto diet, she failed. So, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t succeed in your first try.

A keto diet involves a major overhaul of your diet. You are cutting out a large amont of carbs from your diet. This diet, also known as a ketogenic, a high-fat, or a very low-carb diet, theoretically encourages weight loss since the body is forced to burn fats for energy.

But what’s on your plate is not the only thing that undergoes a dramatic change; by removing carbs from your diet, your body goes through a great deal of change.

For starters, your cells no longer have access to energy from carbs, and they have to burn the fatty cells for energy.

Enter Ketosis

If you eat ‘normally,’ and by normally we mean that your meals are high in carbs, your body (cells) rely on glucose from the carbs for energy/ fuel. The carbs can be from pasta, some vegetables, rice, and bread.

keto meal

However, if you restrict your diet and only indulge in no-carb, high-fat, or low-carb foods – ketogenic diet, you will force your cells to find alternative fuel sources.

In the absence of carbs and glucose to fuel cells, the cells choose fats as their source of fuel. This metabolic shift from glucose to fats will put your body in ketosis.

Naturally, our bodies go through ketosis (briefly) during an extended fasting period or a strenuous exercise – this explains why your breath becomes foul if you don’t eat for a long time or if you avoid carbs for days.

The breakdown of fats for fuel results in the production of ketone bodies. There are three main types of ketone bodies produced from ketosis – beta-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, and acetone (least abundant).

These ketone bodies will be used by your cells as a source of energy for your brain, muscles, heart, and the rest of your body.

By burning ketone bodies instead of glucose for energy, you will notice changes in your weight.

Note, however, that the weight changes from the diet change and from the intake of a keto supplement will only be noticeable or as expected if you reduce your caloric intake. Taking too much proteins and vegetables because you are not eating carbs is counteractive.

But how exactly do the keto supplements work?

Keto supplements like the Keto Burn Xtreme comes in capsule form, and like other keto supplements, this supplement has two main ingredients:

  1. The MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides which are saturated fats broken down in the liver.
  2. Exogenous Ketones/ ketones salts. Exogenous because these are the ketone bodies that come from an external/ synthetic source, unlike the endogenous ketones which are produced by the body naturally.

These two main ingredients are reported to work together to increase the amount of fats in circulation/ available in the body.

They also kickstart ketosis or the fat-burning zone. It’s also alleged that the ketone supplements will block consumed carbohydrates from being metabolized or consumed.

Generally, it’s noted that ketone supplements (whether ketone salts or esters) will cause a significant spike in your blood ketone levels and, in the process, mimicking the natural process of ketosis.

When this happens, your body will be forced to use up or burn fats for energy. Therefore, whether you stick to a ketogenic diet or take the keto supplements on their own, your body will start burning fats for fuel.

Ketosis by Keto Burn Xtreme

Keto Burn Xtreme - BHB Ketones - Suppress Appetite - Boost Weight Loss - Burn Fat As Fuel - 700mg Keto Blend - 30 Day SupplyKeto Burn Xtreme – BHB Ketones – Suppress Appetite – Boost Weight Loss – Burn Fat As Fuel – 700mg Keto Blend – 30 Day Supply


This weight loss formula has ketones that are released in excess from the pills to kickstart and maintain ketosis. As a slimming supplement, it will enhance metabolism by inducing fat burning to take place more often and for longer.

The ketones in the supplements will also boost cellular energy levels, mobilizing the extra fats, and subsequently burning the fats.

But that is not all; this keto supplement also works to enhance your weight loss by lowering your appetite and improving eating habits. So, at the end of the day, you can look forward to improved health, both physically and mentally.

Ingredients in Keto Burn Xtreme

keto ingredients and supplements

The craze around the Keto Burn Xtreme notwithstanding, this keto supplement encourages weight loss through its ingredients.

As mentioned above, the effectiveness of a keto pill/ supplement depends on the ingredients in the pill. Ketones form the major bulk of the pills. Below, we look at all the ingredients of this pill and how they work (or whether they work or not).

1. Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

BHB is the main ingredient in the Keto Burn Xtreme and it’s found in large quantities in the pill since it’s the most potent ketone. This exogenous ketone is responsible for triggering fat-burning.

BHB crosses the blood-brain barrier or the BBB, allowing the brain to keep the body in a rather constant state of ketosis.

For an enhanced state of ketosis, BHB features a blend of other natural ingredients that work together to improve metabolism, lower your appetite, and improve digestion.

Therefore, the ingredients in this pill could also be referred to as fat-melting pills since they enhance physical activity by boosting your energy levels. All these ingredients work together to improve your metabolism and encourage weight loss.

BHB – Sodium Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Magnesium Beta-hydroxybutyrate, and Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

In addition to boosting the levels of ketones and encouraging ketosis, even when you eat carbs, the ketone supplements come with a host of other benefits.

Note, however, that the supplements are not foolproof. One of the biggest disadvantages of the keto supplements (and ketogenic diets) is keto flu.

The keto flu is annoying, to say the least since it comes with headaches, constipation, muscle cramps, diarrhea, and bad breath.

keto flu

BHB and appetite reduction

Besides increasing ketone levels in circulation and stimulation ketosis, BHB also enhances weight loss by suppressing your appetite. The appetite-suppression effects of the ketones result from the low levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

The low-ghrelin levels are expected 2-4 hours after you take the pills, which means that you don’t have to worry about overeating while trying to lose weight.

As mentioned above, weight loss is only possible if you attain a caloric deficit rather than a caloric surplus. But there’s a catch – the keto supplements will not cause as much appetite suppression if you eat just before you take your pill.

Therefore, you might want to take your pill on an empty stomach. Also, because of the appetite reduction and the reduced ghrelin levels from ketone supplements, the best time to take your Keto Burn Xtreme is in the morning, when you wake up.

According to the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, BHB salts might not be well-tolerated, and they could cause abdominal distress, but if taken in high doses, it might be effective even though the risk of side effects will increase.

2. MCT Oils

MCT oil is the other main ingredient in Keto Burn Xtreme. Medium-chain triglyceride oil is said to increase the success of the pill, thanks to its ability to lower your body weight, and you will also be able to curb your appetite.

According to the International Journal of Obesity, MCT oil boosts the oxidation of fats. Besides fat oxidation, another study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that MCT Oil encourages the production of leptin, as well as peptide YY.

These two hormones enhance satiety.

As a result of boosting metabolism and gaining control over your appetite, MCT oil has been used by keto dieters in their coffee, along with butter, just for that high-fat boost in the morning.

coconut oil

3. L-Arginine

This is an essential amino acid that’s found in fish, red meat, soy, whole grains, dairy, as well as beans. L-arginine encourages fat loss, but the best part is that it’s effective in muscle bulking.

4. Keto DHEA

7-Keto DHEA is the non-hormonal metabolite for dehydroepiandrosterone, which stimulates fat by boosting metabolism.

Does Keto Burn Xtreme Work?

Theoretically, keto supplements are effective in driving positive weight loss in its users. The ketones in these supplements drive ketosis and encourage fat burning.

However, you shouldn’t overuse the pills or expect too much from these pills. First off, the weight loss effects and claims haven’t been verified, and there’s also limited research/ peer-reviewed research supporting these claims.

With limited information on the function and effectiveness of the pills, there could be harmful side effects, which might also manifest in the long run.

Therefore, you need to be careful about these pills and the quantity you take.

These claims notwithstanding, if you have to take these pills, it’s recommended that you take small quantities of the pills during a short duration to achieve ketosis fast (and to suppress your appetite).

Overall, the keto supplements elevate ketone levels, albeit temporarily. And as published in the Obesity journal, the ketone esters in the pills will lower your appetite by reducing ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels.

For the best/ desired weight loss effects, you might want to adopt a healthy lifestyle that involves eating healthy food, reducing portions and carbs, and being physically active; alongside your slimming keto pills.

Remember that swallowing a keto pill is not enough, and it won’t offer as many benefits as working out or eating whole plant foods and vegetables.

So, back to the big question above – Does Keto Burn Xtreme Work?

Well, in an article published in the Journal of Biochemistry, high concentrations of ketones in blood should, in theory, enhance the breakdown of fats.

But this article suggests that a high concentration of ketones in blood could inhibit the breakdown of fats since the high ketone concentration will naturally slow down the production of ketones.

As a result, your body maintains that same concentration of blood ketones, whether you have exogenous ketones or not. These processes will affect the lipolysis process.

The Benefits of Keto Burn Xtreme

It accelerates the weight loss process by introducing ketones and initiating ketosis, which stimulates the burning of fats, hence weight loss. Appetite suppression – these supplements will suppress your appetite, reduce and curb your cravings, hence loss of weight.

Keto Burn Xtreme lowers oxidative stress cortisol is the hormone responsible for high-stress levels, and it also contributes to weight gain. This keto supplement lowers the production of cortisol, reducing your stress levels and anxiety.

Mood-booster – besides reducing the level of cortisol, this supplement also boosts the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a mood-enhancing hormone.

In addition to mood-enhancement, this supplement will also boost your focus and concentration – basically, you focus better when you’re in a good mood.

Ball of energy – through ketosis and day-long fat-burning, this supplement will keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

The Risks Associated with Keto Burn Extreme Keto Pills

Overall, the main side effects associated with keto supplements/ pills include keto flu, which, as mentioned above, is characterized by:

  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea
  • Bad breath
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced athletic performance
  • Abdominal cramps
  • It’s also been noted that most of the ketone salts in keto pills cause GI distress.

To be safe, you need to ensure that you check with your doctor before you take new supplements or embark on the keto diet.

It’s also important to remember that cutting out carbs from your diet could create a deficiency in essential minerals (chromium and calcium) and vitamins (Vitamins B5 and B7).

If you are on a strict keto diet and also taking the Keto pills, you should consider supplementing your electrolytes. You need magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

How Safe is Keto Burn Xtreme?

This Shark Tank Diet supplement is made of premium 100% natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are organic.

According to the manufacturer, all the ingredients in this pill are handpicked from the farm directly, and there are no synthetic/ artificial ingredients or chemicals in the pill.

The manufacturer also notes that the pills’ extraction process is done by the industry’s experts. The supplement is also clinically tested and checked by doctors.

Safety measures to take before and when using the Keto Burn Xtreme

  • Don’t drink alcohol, use drugs, and don’t smoke
  • Consume this pill only if you are over 21 years
  • Don’t consume this pill if you have a heart problem or if you are a heart patient
  • Never take this pill if you are pregnant or a lactating mother
  • Don’t consume this pill alongside other pills/ weight loss supplements

Using Keto Burn Xtreme

This keto supplement is quite easy to use. Follow these steps for the best results:

  • Take the pill twice daily, before meals (lunch and dinner) with plain water.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Work out regularly. Staying physically active will enhance your weight loss.
  • Try to eat a ketogenic diet as much as possible to encourage your weight loss gains!

How Much is The Keto Burn Xtreme Pill and Where Can You Buy It From?

Keto Burn Xtreme is one of the most popular keto pills on the market, and it’s available on many websites. While its widespread availability means easy access, it also means that there is a high likelihood of you buying a fake.

To buy safe products and to protect your money, we recommend buying the supplements from the manufacturer.

The supplement is available in 3, 6, and 9-month packs, which means that you get to select a package depending on your preference and budget.

Shipping takes between 6 and 7 business days, but you pay for the shipping and the delivery charges. The 3-pack costs $118 while the one-month pack is $59. The 6-month pack goes for $177


  • Some studies support the effectiveness of this pill
  • It suppresses appetite and enhances weight loss if used in little quantities
  • Boosts energy levels
  • It burns fats
  • It might help control your blood sugar levels
  • Natural formulation
  • It boosts metabolism


  • Potentially harmful and uncomfortable side effects
  • The company is rated F by the Better Business Bureau
  • It’s expensive
  • Not much research supporting the effectiveness of the pill

Should you buy the Keto Burn Xtreme Weight Loss Pill?

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, it’s quite likely that you’ve tried pretty much everything recommended online and written about. For one reason or another, that strategy might have failed to work for you.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up or think of a gastric surgery right away. Before you give up on diets, you might want to try a keto diet pill, but make sure that you incorporate a healthy lifestyle involving healthy eating even when snacking and some physical activity.

Although this pill promises to boost ketosis and encourage the body to burn fats instead of glucose, these effects don’t last too long. Also, having too many ketones in your body could cause acidosis, which could set back your weight loss journey.

Therefore, to keep off the nagging pounds, take the pill moderately, but also work on adopting a lifestyle that encourages overall lifestyle fitness.